It was 11 o’clock when I arrived at Mistress KIKA’s home. She asked me to be her slave for the Femdom weekend at the OWK, the mythical SM Place. After some wavering, I was there, ready to take off from Brussels to Prague with her.

It was the first time I went alone with my divine Mistress and it gives me more happiness than discovering the place. Mistress KIKA was not alone ! I had to take care of her very heavy suitcase ! At the airport, we had the time to do some shopping and she wanted to buy sunglasses. I could not resist offering her the very nice sunglasses she liked. It is for her very beautiful blue eyes ! A good protection during this very shinning month of August ! She thanked me, very delighted to see me so devoted !

In the plane, sitting besides her, we discussed about many things. The flight was not long, always too short ! When we arrived in Prague, Mistress Anya was already there waiting for us. Mistress KIKA was very happy to see her friend. We had time to talk together as we were waiting for the plane of Madam Diane De Cythère. When finally, everybody was there, we rented a big car and were on the road to OWK. This week end promised to be great and it was !

We arrived in front of the large property, completely enclosed by a wall. A small gate opened to control who had knocked on the door. Once inside, I understood why it is such a famous place ! Inscription at the entrance is clear : it is an exclusive Dominas place ! Slaves were waiting to help Mistresses with luggage. Mistress KIKA explained me that the stones which were in the middle of the road, were reserved to Dominas, so they could walk on it with their high hells and a punishment awaited slaves who was trying to borrow it ! Mistress KIKA asked me to bring her suitcase in our room. It was a nice suit with a cage. Excitement was reaching all my body. Am I going to sleep in the cage ? Mistress KIKA looked at me smiling as I looked nervous and excited ! She gave me the mission to open her bag. I first discovered SM toys that my Mistress has chosen just for me, her shoes I love and all the nice clothes she took for that week end.

After visiting the area, we arrived in the restaurant and Mistress KIKA asked me to give her a cigarette. I was in charge of her bag. She ordered me to lie down on the floor. The hand holding the cigarette comes out of my mouth. I opened it and I received the cinder. I swallowed with delight ! I love when Mistress KIKA used me as an ashtray. It is always a little show for people around us, a great pleasure for me and my Mistress ! I also had to swallow the filter. Fortunately, I still had some water in my glass !

After that, Mistress KIKA wanted to change clothes for the opening ceremony. We arrived in a beautiful room with comfortable armchairs for Mistresses and little stools for slaves.   I received the order to put me on my knees and I listened to the OWK hymn. Mistress KIKA was standing besides me, so beautiful ! A jury was selected among experienced dominas. Now is time for the games. It started with the “Best whipping male ass” contest. Rules were given : 2 minutes of whipping without any noise and any movement coming from the slaves ! Mistress KIKA loves, it is no secret for anyone, especially that practice ! I knew that she would like to participate and we did ! “Do your best” she told me ! “Don’t worry” ! I wanted to please her and I was ready to suffer for her. Here we go !

We were engaged to do it and when the jury called for Mistress KIKA, I followed her on the podium. I took place on the whipping bench. Se began whipping me with a whip she bought last year at the OWK. After 1 minute she asked me to change position. It was already hard but harder torture was coming ! She took her bullwhip and, as I was on my knees, she started to whip me on my ass. It was very hard but I did not moved ! Last seconds were coming and Mistress KIKA seemed to be pleased with her performance. I still had to show my ass to the jury so they could see the marks left by the whip and especially by the bullwhip. Other dominas passed successively, good and bad performances. Than came the results ! I cross my fingers ! We should be at least on the third position ! The jury announce the winner ; Mistress KIKA. She was so happy and proud to be the winner ! She went back on the podium to receive a bottle of champagne and a certificate for the “Best whipping male ass” in August 2009. Everybody applauded her and she received congratulations from other dominas and admiration from slaves !

In the euphoria, Mistress KIKA wanted me to participate to the second game. It was not planned but she told me “it is for fun”. I had to do a strip tease with other slaves on the podium. I must admit I was feeling very uncomfortable showing my body ! It was not a surprise when the jury decided to eject me ! Fortunately, Mistress KIKA was not angry with me. I still was spanked by the jury before going back to my little seat! The other test were more physical. One was to kiss the feet of the Mistress while doing pumps and the last test was to push a shoe with the head quickly. Mistress Anya’s slave wins that game. We now had 2 bottles of champagne to celebrate our respective victories.

The next day, we had to prepare the pony-boy race ! The slave must draw her Mistress sitting in a sulky. In the morning, my Mistress decided to train me. She put me a chastity belt and a nice pony-boy harness that she brings in her suitcase. During the training, she gave me advices to go faster. She is so smart ! I listened to her : “ short cut in the corner” ! It encouraged me to go faster !

After that run, I could rest a little. During that time, my Mistress talked with some other people she knows. It was time to eat ! But on the way to the restaurant, the Mistresses still played with us. Mistress Anya tied me up with her slave. We were bound together. The Mistresses took a tube and sprinkled us with cold water ! They had fun !

After the meal, we went to the pony-boy contest. Secretly, I hoped to win it but some other slaves were much younger than me! When the speaker called Mistress KIKA, I decided to put all my power and energy in this race ! It was hard but my Mistress was so king ! She talked to me all the time and when we arrived at the final point, I felt good and very tired. We did not win the race but I was proud to see that we were on the sixth position among 15 candidates ! Mistress KIKA congratulated me and seemed very happy too. In the evening, we went to the club where all dominas were playing and having fun.

The last day, Mistress KIKA tried her new toys on me. She also ordered me to clean her shoes. When it was done, she ordered me to go to the room to prepare the suitcases while she was talking with other Mistresses. When everything was ready, we returned to the airport and took the plane back to Brussels.

It was an excellent time. I will never forget it ! Mistress KIKA was certainly The Sublime Lady of the OWK !